Family Work

Sessions can be online or if you are local to Cardiff and the Vale you can choose face to face. Venues are in Penarth, Cowbridge and Radyr. My charges are £50 per session, which can last up to an hour. For face to face sessions an extra £12 will be added to
cover the cost of the venue/travel.

I do individual sessions, then bring people together for ongoing work. You may feel a couple of joint sessions are enough or you may want longer support. For older children, we can approach the sessions like mediation. The aim is for you to become confident and equipped to deal with any future issues that family life could throw at you. I will gain parental consent from the main caregiver before contacting anyone under 18 years.

Parent Sessions

This can be useful if you feel you need some reflective time, to talk through how you are parenting, reviewing what works and what doesn’t. Understanding what’s behind behaviour and how people communicate during conflict can increase your confidence parenting or help you to be on the same page. This work could also be useful if you feel your child might not be mature enough to fully engage or if they are choosing not to.